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Sampson-Matthews Print Collection

One of Canada's leading graphic art companies, Sampson-Matthews Ltd. was co-founded by Ernest Sampson, a pioneer of silkscreen printing in Canada, and Charles Matthews. In the tradition of Grip Limited, as well as Rous and Mann publishers, Sampson-Matthews attracted the very best of Canadian art talent. Following in the footsteps of Franklin Carmichael, Alfred J. Casson joined the firm in 1926 where his duties included silkscreen design, typography planning and production supervision.

The collection consists of 99 silkscreen prints, printed by Sampson-Matthews Ltd. that reproduce paintings by renowned Canadian artists. There are 52 Sampson-Matthews silkscreens in the large format (approx. 30 x 40 inches) and 47 in the small format (approx. 20 x 27 inches). Many of the silkscreen prints are hand-signed by Alfred. J. Casson, indicating that they were amongst the original silkscreen prints made in the Sampson-Matthews prints program.

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