We offer a range of services to satisfy your custom picture framing needs for either your home or corporate collections. Our experienced staff will work alongside you to ensure that the final design is a reflection of your personal style, or corporate vision.

Stretcher Frames

We have a wide selection of stretcher bars in house. One-half inches to 3 inches are popular stretcher bars used. If you are requiring something different, we would be happy to build you a stretcher frame to your specific needs.

We can customize any size of stretcher frame you might want. 

Stretching Canvas

Once the stretcher frame is built, we have to stretch the canvas onto it. Here are some examples of canvas and other materials we are able to stretch onto stretcher frames:

  • Tightening up of an older canvas.
  • Primed and un-primed canvas.
  • Re-stretching painted canvas onto a different depth of frame.
  • Gicleé images and Photographic prints on canvas.
  • If you have purchased artwork and it has been removed from it’s stretcher frame for shipping purposes, we can build you a new frame to the size needed.
  • If you need to ship a work on canvas, we can advise and possibly remove the canvas from it’s frame, roll it and package it in a cardboard or plastic shipping tube.

Other Types of Stretching

We can stretch a variety of works other than canvas such as embroidery or tapestry and we can also help determine whether or not stretching is the best possible option for your artwork.

Packaging & Shipping

We have a great working relationship with local couriers for the past 25 years! Order your products and have them shipped to your doorstep right across North America.